ralf baecker - inter-face
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Interactive Installation - 2004

inter-face is an interactive installation, consisting of two mirror like (monitor, camera) units, that interlink the images of their viewers. Two people, each standing in front of a camera; the cameras perceive two faces: the interposed software attempts to construct each of the two faces from image fragments of the other face. Without the image of the other, one’s own cannot emerge and vice versa.

Materials: flatscreen, DV Camera, PC running custom software (Java)


2005 Expanded Arts (curated by VALIE EXPORT)
Art Cologne 2004, Cologne DE

2005 European Media Art Festival - Helden der Künste
EMAF, Osnabrück DE

2005 Expanded Arts No. 2
Kunstverein Gütersloh, Gütersloh DE

2004 Altitude 2004
Academy of Media Arts, Cologne DE